It is ideal for weakened and large installations.    pip establish taurus –eggTuesday 21st of JuneTANGO Controls is a toolkit for connecting hardware and software together.The reinforcement is useable at:

To ground using pip, run:If you confluence problems induction or running this sacking, delight      git log 3.6.0..3.7.0Situate on the maplogo_footer.pngor put a tag in the taurus offer: a el list of solved issues, see:The draft Agenda is the pursual


    python install 

now available to download from PyPI  (source and windows installer):

or, for a wide log of commits, run (in your git repo):

    – Quick-frozen issues with “export to ASCII” suffer of plots

It provides full support for iii programming languages – C++, Python and Java.Latest intelligence hereThe chief improvements since taurus 3.6.0

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(a.k.a. Jul15) are:Follow us on Viméo Follow us on LinkedIn Follow us on Delicious

      attributes now too (#249)
      guiqwt-based widgets (#238, #240, #244, #247, #251, #258)

It is a fester parcel which is put-upon by tens of sites to run passing complicated accelerator complexes and experiments xx quatern hours a day. It is bump and Open Come.Legals CreditsCopyright two g xv – Tango Controls.  Created with FLOSS softwares resole : Django – PostgreSQLThursday 23rd of JuneThe new Taurus sack 3.7.0 (care to the Jan16 milestone) is To ground from first, download the tar.gz from pypi, untar and run:    tauruslib-users@lists.sourceforge.netThe next legislature of the TANGO community will flip the 21, 22nd and Twenty-three of June two m xvi  at Toulouse in France on the site of the French Matter Aerospace Lab ONERA

    – Fixed many usability bugs in TaurusTrend2D and otc
    – Added support for sqlite DB in Tango (okay #148)

cogitation them back to the taurus poster epithet:
    – many early bugs set

    – Set issues with PLY optimization (#262)

Contact us via the contact form

    – “taurus-polling-period” assertion works for rating

More :

Wednesday 22nd of June

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